Campus Well-being Educators

Who are the Campus Well-being Educators?

Campus Well-being Educators (CWEs) are NDSU students who aim to promote healthy lifestyle choices through peer-led education, programming, and collaborating with our campus community. CWEs become trained in how to plan and and implement programs related to various health and well-being topics, including: mental health, nutrition, sleep hygiene, environmental health, and substance use.

Our student’s support the goals of Health Promotion by:

  • PROMOTING and ADVOCATING for a campus of health and wellbeing
  • PROVIDING learning and development opportunities for personal and community health
  • CONNECTING and OPTIMIZING campus and community resources
  • RESEARCHING and ASSESSING student health status and needs

Our students’ outreach is supported by the President’s Council on Campus Well-being.

To learn more about the CWE program, email

Apply by clicking here!

A glimpse of our 2023-2024 work: 

Each year our CWEs host a Tote bag Painting event. What a great opportunity to learn about environmental health while doing crafts!

Our CWEs spent an afternoon doing a “Letting Go of Anxiety” activity in the Memorial Union in honor of upcoming finals and May being National Mental Health Awareness month.

This year, our students partnered with the SNAP the Stigma project for a poster display in the Memorial Union on Mental Health.

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