International Students

Required International Student Screening Appointment 

What do I need to do when I arrive to NDSU?

  • All international students are required to schedule an International Student Screening appointment with SHS regardless of which country they are from within 1-2 weeks of arrival to NDSU. Please see "How do I schedule my appointment" below for instructions.  
  • DO NOT receive any vaccinations 30 days prior to the International Student Screening appointment.
  • Spring 2024 Deadlines:  January 1st - January 19th, 2024.  
    • Students will not be able to schedule this appointment until January 1st. The United Healthcare Student resources insurance plan is effective January 1st so please DO NOT schedule prior to January 1. 
    • The below instructions state that students must click on the Appointment icon to schedule this appointment. If you do not see this icon, please contact us at 701-231-7331.
    • Students have the option to call 701-231-7331 to schedule by phone. 
  • If you have any issues with scheduling this appointment, please call 701-231-7331 or email
  • If you have immunization records, please submit them to Student Health Service (SHS). See Immunization Requirements below for more information. 

How do I schedule my appointment? 

  • Students under age 18 will need their parent/guardian to fill out the Consent to Treat a Minor Child Form prior to being seen. 
  • Student Health Service will be present at the International Orientation day during the resource fair, so appointments can be scheduled at this time. 
  • Students may also schedule their appointment through the Student Health Portal. Click on the yellow Student Health Portal icon and then click on "Click here to log in". 
    • Log in using your NDSU credentials 
    • Update your demographics by clicking on "Edit Your Profile" in the top right corner. Once this has been updated, click Save. 
  • Upon log in, click on the Appointment icon to begin scheduling your appointment. Please call 701-231-7331 if you still do not see this. 
    • Clinic:  NDSU Student Health Service
    • Reason:  International Student Screening 
    • Provider:  this field will auto-populate 
    • Click Submit
  • Select the day/time that works for your schedule. The open times for a specific day will be displayed. 
    • DO NOT schedule this appointment after 2:30pm. 
  • Students will receive an appointment confirmation email to their NDSU email. This email will come from 
  • Student Health Service is located in the Wallman Wellness Center
  • If you have any issues with scheduling this appointment, you may contact us via email or phone

What will happen at this appointment?

  • Please plan appropriate travel time and allow 30-60 minutes for your screening appointment. 
  • Students will be screened for Tuberculosis (TB) and will receive any missing immunizations.
  • Students will be asked what country they are from and what countries they have traveled to.
    • If a student has not traveled or lived in a high risk country for longer than 30 days, then TB testing is not needed.
    • If a student has lived in or traveled to a high risk country for longer than 30 days, then TB testing will be performed. If TB testing comes back as negative, then no further action is needed unless further immunizations are needed. If TB testing comes back as positive, a TB follow up appointment will be required.
    • **The World Health Organization determines which countries are considered high risk. Click hereto view the full report on high burden countries. 

Will insurance cover the cost of the screening appointment? 

  • International students are required to carry the United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) insurance policy, however, there are some exceptions where students will carry a different insurance plan. For those students with UHCSR, the TB testing and immunization costs are covered at 100%. For those students carrying a different insurance plan, please check with your insurance company directly regarding coverage. 
  • Please see our Billing & Insurance page for more information on our billing process.

What will happen to those students who are not compliant with this process?

  • A registration hold will be placed on any student accounts for non-compliant students. The registration hold prevents students from being able to register for any future classes. Holds may be placed for any of the following reasons:
    • A student does not schedule their screening appointment during the required time frame
    • A student has a positive TB test and does not schedule their follow up appointment
    • A student is missing required immunizations
  • SHS will attempt to contact students via NDSU email and/or secure messaging through the Student Health Portal so students should be familiar with the their email account and Student Health Portal. 
  • If students do not respond to the communication efforts by SHS and do not comply with this requirement, your enrollment status at NDSU could be impacted.
    Immunization Requirements
    • International students must meet the same immunization requirements as all other students - see Immunizations. However, international students do not need to have documentation submitted by the deadlines posted as they can wait to receive all immunizations upon arrival to NDSU at the International Student Screening appointment.
    • Students can submit immunization records from outside countries as long as they include the following information: 
      • Documentation is translated to English
      • Student's full name
      • Date of birth
      • Preferably includes the student ID number.
      • Students can use the Immunization Documentation Form as an option to submit records, but this form is not required. Click here for ways to submit records. 
    • We ask that students DO NOT receive any immunizations 30 days prior to their arrival to NDSU as some immunizations can delay the TB testing.
    TB Records
    • SHS will NOT accept TB testing from outside countries.
    • We will accept TB testing results from students who receive TB testing withinin the US. Both Mantoux PPD and quantiferon blood tests will be acceptable. 

    The NDUS requires all international students to have adequate health insurance in place and verified, but in some cases a waiver may be allowed. Student Health Service does not handle these requests or questions, so please reference the following pages for additional information on this process:

    Other resources: 

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