Health Promotion Values:

  • Education: We understand the reciprocal relationship between learning and health.
  • Collaboration: We engage with other NDSU services and resources to foster and promote a cohesive and transparent campus climate that supports health and well-being.
  • Community: We understand that health goes beyond the individual to include the cultural, institutional, socioeconomic and political influences that comprise community.
  • Future: We understand the importance of health over the long-term in building the capacity of individuals and communities to reach their potential.
  • Prevention: We strive to avoid and reduce preventable health risks and illness.
  • Support: We serve as a resource and network to foster healthy choices, lifestyles and environments.
  • Holistic well-being: We understand that health has multiple dimensions, and we promote holistic health and wellness. 

For inquiries about health promotion, programs or events, please email 
or contact the Assistant Director of Health Promotion, Emily Hegg at or 701.231.8560


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