Option A

This program is designed for a person who already has a bachelor’s degree in a Family and Consumer Sciences related area and would like to work toward obtaining a teaching license. Upon completion, the program provides the pedagogy requirements that may lead to a Family and Consumer Sciences teaching certificate. Depending on the individual’s bachelor’s degree, there will most likely be several content courses that will need to be taken as well to meet licensing requirements. Licensing also involves state mandated tests. Student teaching is included in this program. This program is offered through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance. All courses in this master’s degree are offered online and are taught by faculty at several different universities. For more information, please see: https://www.gpidea.org/program/family-consumer-sciences-education.

NOTE: Earning an academic/professional degree does not necessarily lead to state credential or licensure. Candidates seeking licensure may need to meet additional requirements such as tests and additional coursework. Potential and current students should consult with the appropriate academic program coordinator for advice about licensure, certification, or credentialing after communicating with the appropriate state official.

Option B

This program is designed to provide persons who currently hold a teaching degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with an expanded background in Family and Consumer Sciences Education and related content areas. It also examines the broader field of education, with a solid foundation in research methodology. Students are encouraged to complete additional course work in areas of interest. Internships can be incorporated into the program of study and provide an opportunity for students to examine current issues. Candidates should work closely with an adviser.