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Career Opportunities

Graduate students completing the Women and Gender Studies certificate enrich the study of their discipline by receiving additional instruction in the way in which gender and sexuality functions. The perspectives and application of feminist theory deeps research in their respective field.

Increasingly, employers seek candidates who understand and support diversity and inclusiveness, which is a foundational principle in the Women and Gender Studies program. The Women and Gender Studies certificate provides the valuable expertise to advance professionals in the workplace. Educators can gain graduate credit hours necessary to increase their salary. Doctoral scholars improve their marketability by demonstrating versatility in their research and are eligible to seek positions with dual appointments in their home field and in Women and Gender Studies.

The Curriculum

Women and Gender Studies certificate students complete 5 credit hours in core courses. These include WGS 793: Professional Development, WGS 797S: Research, and WGS 793: Community Outreach. The Professional Development credit hour is an independent study for engagement with the field through activities such as conference presentations or event organizing. The Research credit hour is for the development of an original research paper on a gender-related topic. Lastly, the Community Outreach independent study is the capstone. As a field committed to fostering justice for all, students complete a capstone that places feminist theory into practice.

In addition to the core courses, Women and Gender Studies certificate students explore issues of gender and sexuality through completion of 9 elective credits. These are tailored towards their individual field and include Education, Sociology, Public Health, History, and others.