• Bank Fraud Investigator
  • Criminal Defense Investigator
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Law School
  • Graduate School
  • Compliance Officer

For individuals who

Have interest in identifying fraudulent activities within a company.

Looking for

A minor to prepare you for careers in crime investigation, forensic accounting and litigation support.

To become

  • Public-Sector Investigator
  • Private-Sector Investigator
  • Risk Management Professional
  • Compliance Officer
  • Insurance Fraud Investigator

Fraud Investigation

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems, in collaboration with the Department of Criminal Justice, offers a minor in Fraud Investigation. Students will study the causes of fraud, as well as the detection, investigation, and prevention of fraud. Students learn about the criminal justice system including law making, criminality, and prosecution of fraud and other types of crime. This minor will prepare students for possible careers in crime investigation, litigation support, or forensic accounting.