The minor can benefit students interested in a variety of careers that involve work with the elderly population. Students from a variety of majors such as human development and family science, sociology, psychology, nursing, interior design and education can benefit from training in gerontology.

Career Opportunities

Career interests available would depend on the major or other training but include designer/architect of housing facilities, adult day services, elderly volunteer services, mental health services for elderly persons, geriatric nursing, social service programs for elderly persons, long-term care administration, corporate health planning or market research. Explore more careers here.

High School Preparation

Prior to coming to college, volunteer community service activities such as 4-H, scouting, and work with church youth groups can help students gain valuable experience working with people in the community. High school courses in behavioral and social sciences (e.g., social studies, economics, psychology, family life education, child development) are helpful in preparing for study in gerontology.