The Program

People have always had fundamental questions about the world in which they live. Among a wide variety of practical topics, they wondered about truth, knowledge, morality, goodness, or life’s meaning. By means of dialogue, logic, and critical and creative thought, philosophers have trailblazed pathways to wisdom and an understanding of the human condition, which not only helps our students live more fulfilled lives but makes them more competitive in their careers.

The Faculty

  • Dennis Cooley
  • Anthony Flood
  • John Helgeland (Emeritus)
  • Bradley Morris
  • Adam Taylor

The Philosophy-Ethics Major

The philosophy-humanities major consists of 32 semester credits. Of these, the 21 credits are required. 11 elective credits, which can be independent studies, complete the major.

The Philosophy-Humanities Minor

The philosophy-humanities minor consists of 21 semester credits: 15 required and 6 elective credits from the elective philosophy courses, including independent studies.

Independent Study

Independent study along the lines of Oxford tutorials may be pursued by students wanting to read on a special philosophical topic (e.g., aesthetics) or read the work of a particular philosopher. To initiate independent study, students must contact a philosophy faculty member.