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Final Grade Loading Instructions


All instructors should verify the following prior to loading grades:

  1. Know your Campus Connection User ID and Password.

    If you have been assigned security access, but are not able to log-in, contact the NDUS Help Desk at 1-866-457-6387 or You may also use the 'What is my User Id?' and 'Forgot my Password' links in Campus Connection.

    Note: The Office of Registration and Records is not able to look up or reset passwords for faculty and staff.

    If you do not have security access assigned to you yet, please complete the security access form for faculty at

  2. You are assigned as the instructor for all the courses you are teaching.

    If you are not listed as the instructor, you will not be able to enter grades. If there has been an instructor change for a class, please verify that the appropriate instructor is now listed. Please notify Registration and Records at or 1-7981 of any instructor additions or updates.

  3. Review your class roster via Campus Connection.

    Navigation: Faculty Center, click on the 'Class Roster' icon (located to the left of the course name; icon in legend above course listing is not clickable). Students not listed on the Campus Connection class roster ARE NOT registered for the course and must be registered in order to receive a grade.

    Late Registrations: Per instructor discretion, a signed class permit may be provided to the student(s) for processing in 110 Ceres Hall. Electronic permissions on Campus Connection do not work after the last day to add. Students may need to clear holds on their accounts/records. Students who are permitted to add classes after grade loading begins for the class/session (see timeline) will not appear on grade rosters. Instructors may either request that a grade roster be recreated after a late add is processed (any previously recorded grades will need to be re-entered) OR they may submit grades on an electronic Grade Reporting Form. Forms are available on the "Forms" page on the Registration and Records webpage. (Form requires logging in with Campus Connection username and password)

Loading Grades

  1. Log in to Campus Connection and navigate to the desired course’s Grade Roster:
  2. Access the Grade Roster by clicking on the Grade Roster Icon  to the left of the course for which you are entering grades.

    Note: Faculty may enter final grades for students enrolled in their courses when grade loading is open each term. However, students cannot view grades until they are posted at the close of grade loading.

    Do NOT enter information into any of the 'Notes' fields in the grade roster screens.  Any information entered here will appear on the official transcript.  This feature cannot be turned off during grade loading and is used for administrative purposes only.

  3. Make sure ‘Final Grade’ Roster type appears in the drop-down field (unless entering mid-term grades).

  4. Enter final grades into the 'Roster Grade' field (use drop down or tab from field-to-field and enter grades). Click the [SAVE] button frequently when entering grades for larger rosters.
    • DO NOT enter information into any of the Notes fields in the grade roster screens. Any information entered here will appear on the official transcript/record. This feature cannot be turned off during grade loading, and is used for administrative purposes only.
  5. After grades are entered, change Approval Status to ‘Approved’ and click [Save].

    Note: Grade rosters may not be set to ‘Approved’ by the instructor if an incomplete grade is pending. These rosters will be set to ‘Approved’ and posted after the ‘I’ grade is entered by Registration & Records.

  6. Changing Grades on Roster:
  7. Proof Grades

    Important: Proof your grades before the grade loading time period ends. Keep your grade book/spreadsheet, etc. for at least one academic year after grades were entered (not recommended to keep longer than three years).

  8. Grade Posting

Helpful Hints & Reminders

Campus Connection user defaults must be set to enter grades. Click on 'Set Up SACR > User Defaults.' Set 'NDSU1' as the institution and click [Save].

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