Limited Submission Programs

A limited submission program is a funding opportunity for which the sponsoring agency has limited the number of proposals an institution may submit. If an institution exceeds the limit, the result can be disqualification of all of the institution’s proposals from the competition. If the number of people interested in a particular limited submission is greater than the institutional limit, Research Development will coordinate an internal competition to determine which proposals are allowed to proceed with submission to the agency.

  • Notifications of interest are due by close of business on the NDSU Notification Deadline.
  • If you identify a limited submission opportunity that is not on the list below, please notify
  • For programs marked "First to Notify" in the list below, approval to move forward with a full proposal submission to the funder will be given on a first come, first served basis. These programs either a) did not receive any notifications of interest by the internal deadline, or b) did not have enough time before the agency deadline for a standard internal limited submission process.
  • All limited submission programs from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) are "First to Notify" unless listed otherwise below.

Limited Submissions Instructions

The steps in the limited submission process include:

  1. PI notifies Research Development Office of Intent to Submit
  2. Preproposal process is implemented, if needed.
  3. Preproposal review by NDSU committee
  4. Notification to applicants


NDSU Notification of Intent to Submit

Potential applicants are required to notify the NDSU Research Development Office of intent to apply for a limited submission program by close of business on the due date indicated in the Limited Submission Table. Email the following information to

  1. Email Subject Line: “NOTIFICATION: intent to apply to [name of agency & program]”
  2. Names of all NDSU PIs and senior personnel involved with their department affiliations.

All parties who have sent notifications will receive an email acknowledgement. Following the notification due date, the Research Development Office will notify all once again if a pre-proposal selection process is determined to be necessary.

If no notifications are received for an opportunity by the posted internal deadline, the status of the opportunity becomes "First to Notify," and approval to move forward with a full proposal submission to the funder is given on a first come, first served basis. 

A typical pre-proposal includes a 2-3 page project description, budget and budget justification, current and pending support, as well as a biographical sketch.  For some programs, additional information may be requested.


Pre-proposal Review Process

With few exceptions, the pre-proposal review and selection process will be conducted by an internal NDSU committee, with care taken to avoid bias and ensure objectivity and fairness.

Pre-proposal Review will take the following into consideration:

  1. Merit of the proposed project
  2. PI qualifications and management skills
  3. Resources available for the project
  4. Written communication skills, organization, ease of understanding
  5. Fit with agency & program guidelines
  6. Fit with NDSU research priorities and initiatives

Lead faculty or staff who submitted the pre-proposals will be notified of the results of the review approximately four to six weeks before the agency due date.

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