SPIN Funding Database

Available by subscription from InfoED Global, SPIN is free for current NDSU faculty, staff, and students.

About SPIN

SPIN is the single solution for researchers and principal investigators who desire to spend less time doing the arduous and labor-intensive steps of searching, but still be presented with ideally-suited and perfectly-matched funding opportunities. It’s comprised of two powerful InfoEd Solutions: 

  • SPIN, the world’s largest database of funding opportunities. SPIN monitors public and private sponsors to ensure that the most current funding opportunity information is always accessible and SPIN’s queries and filters functions allow users to easily find future opportunities.
  • SPIN Matching And Research Transmittal Service (SMARTS). SMARTS delivers highly-targeted funding opportunities that exactly match pre-defined criteria and research focus.

Accessing SPIN

After you log into SPIN, select Sign in using institutional credentials on the right side of the screen and select North Dakota State University from the dropdown list. This will allow you to log in through the NDSU Central Authentication Service (CAS).

NOTE: The first time you log into SPIN, you will need to click “create profile” in the pop-up window. 

After you're logged in, you'll be able to:

  • Retain parameters set from the Category Filters Menu across multiple sessions.
  • Retain search and detail view parameters set from the Options Menu.
  • Save searches and SMARTS settings, and access them repeatedly from the Saved Searches Menu.
    NOTE: Searches shared by an administrator are accessible to anonymous users.
  • Bookmark opportunities and share them after navigating away from the opportunity, by using the Bookmarks Menu. 

If you have any questions, please contact ndsu.researchdev@ndsu.edu.

Contacting SPIN

If you have questions about SPIN that are not addressed by the Help documentation, or if you would like assistance with creating a search, you are welcome to reach out to SPIN directly: 

William DeCocco
SPINPlus Account Manager
800-727-6427 Ext: 112

Keith Willis
SPINPlus Content Manager
800-727-6427 Ext: 138


You can also contact the Research Development office for support: ndsu.researchdev@ndsu.edu.


SPIN Search Features

1. Basic Search
This is the defaulted search mode and an easy way to search for programs using a simple word or term which is then run against the entire SPIN record – every field is searched (ex. Sponsor Name, Opportunity Title, Funding Opportunity Number, CFDA Number, Synopsis, Eligibility, Keywords, etc.).

2. InfoEd Keyword Search Mode
The InfoEd Keyword Search mode operates in a similar manner to the Basic Search except you select from a proprietary list of keywords to perform your search instead of typing in arbitrary word(s) or term(s).

3. Advanced Search Mode
This customized search method allows you to tailor your search using advanced AND/OR branching logic functions to narrow down your search to retrieve more specific results.

4. Saving Search Parameters
After conducting a custom search, the parameters that were set up can be retained and used again at another time. As funding goals and approaches evolve, saved search parameters can be altered and re-run.

5. SPIN Quick Searches
These are pre-configured searches with commonly employed SPIN search options.

6. New/Modified Opportunities
Presents opportunities that have been entered/modified within the past seven days.

7. Impending Deadlines
Presents opportunities with deadlines within the next eight weeks or with open deadlines.

8. FedBiz Opps (US)
Presents federally-sponsored opportunities which are often not listed on Grants.gov and which tend to have strict eligibility requirements. These same opportunities may also appear during other searches.

9. Federal Register Guide
The US Federal Register Guide Quick Search Option provides users with access to pared-down grants information that is published by the National Archives and Records Administration. 

10. Non-Traditional Sources
Listing of non-traditional research funding sources including "crowdfunding" opportunities.

11. InfoEd Keyword Search
Expand your searches by using the keyword index developed by SPIN.

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