Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

All research and teaching involving animals goes through a rigorous protocol review process performed by a diverse committee of scientists, non-scientists, community members, and animal health professionals. Without approval by the committee, known as the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), animal use cannot occur at NDSU.

NDSU maintains a Registration with the United Stated Department of Agriculture (45-R-002) and an Animal Welfare Assurance with the National Institute of Health-Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (D16-00156). USDA conducts annual inspections of our facilities and records. NDSU also submits required reports to each agency, which insures adherence to all federal regulations and policies.

The IACUC and animal care personnel closely monitor the care and use of animals through daily observation of all animals, semi-annual inspections of all animal facilities, and an internal quality control program which identifies animal adverse events and seeks to correct them. All decisions concerning animal care at NDSU are made in consultation with the Attending Veterinarian.

NDSU remains committed to the humane care and use of animals in conducting important research that results in solutions to the complex problems of our day including food production systems, food security, the health of our human populations, and sustainable societal infrastructure.

Questions?  Contact the IACUC Office, or by phone at 701.231.8114.

PHS Animal Welfare Assurance

PHS Assurance Approval Letter

IACUC Meeting Schedule

18-Jul-2019       9:30 AM       Loftsgard 260       27-Jun-2019       3-Jul-2019
15-Aug-20199:30 AMLoftsgard 26025-Jul-20191-Aug-2019
19-Sep-20199:30 AMLoftsgard 26029-Aug-20195-Sep-2019
17-Oct-20199:30 AMResearch 1, RM 14826-Sep-20193-Oct-2019
21-Nov-20199:30 AMResearch 2, RM 11424-Oct-201931-Oct-2019
19-Dec-20199:30 AMLoftsgard 26028-Nov-20195-Dec-2019
23-Jan-20199:30 AMLoftsgard 26002-Jan-20209-Jan-2020
20-Feb-20209:30 AMLoftsgard 26030-Jan-20205-Feb-2020
26-Mar-20209:30 AMResearch 2, RM 11427-Feb-20205-Mar-2020
16-Apr-20209:30 AMResearch 2, RM 11426-Mar-20202-Apr-2020
21-May-20209:30 AMResearch 2, RM 11430-Apr-20207-May-2020
18-Jun-20209:30 AMResearch 2, RM 11428-May-20204-Jun-2020
16-Jul-20209:30 AMResearch 2, RM 11425-Jun-20202-Jul-2020

1  Protocols must be submitted for review and consultation with the NDSU Attending Veterinarian by this date to be considered at the regularly scheduled IACUC meeting.  Submit the protocol materials via email to:  NDSU-AV@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU.  You will be contacted by the Attending Veterinarian regarding your consultation.

2  After consultation with the AV, protocols must be submitted by noon on the deadline to the IACUC office ( to be included on the meeting agenda.

All meetings are open to the public. Potential attendees should contact the IACUC office (231.8114) to confirm time and location of the meeting as this is subject to change.

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