I am not a citizen or permanent resident of United States, am I eligible?
Yes, if the participant is an undergraduate currently enrolled in a North Dakota college/university.

I am a NDSU student, am I eligible?

Where can I find the research project details?
Please refer to Research Projects for details about each project.

What are the program dates? Are they flexible?
This program is expected to run for 10 weeks from May 30 to August 4, 2023. 

What is the compensation for this program?
Students will be paid $15 per hour and participants are expected to work 40 hours per week on projects Participants will also receive up to $500 for materials and supplies. 

Is housing provided and what is the housing look like?
Housing on the NDSU campus will be provided for students that have to relocate to Fargo for this 10-week program. One student will be housed per room. More details about housing.

Do you provide a meal plan?
We do not provide a meal plan. There are on-campus dining services across the campus and the laboratories and residence halls are very close to many inexpensive restaurants and grocery stores.

How does the selection process work?
All applications are reviewed for completeness. Then applications will be shared with faculty mentors and phone interviews may be scheduled if necessary. Selected students will be notified via e-mail in early April. If you have any questions during the selection window, please contact kirstin.saulsbury@ndsu.edu.

Once an applicant is selected, a job application and follow-up offer with a short project description will be sent to the student along with contact information for the project mentor(s). Students are then expected to respond to the offer within one week. Once the student accepts the offer, the official hiring paperwork will begin.

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