NDSU VPR Fitzgerald announces changes to RCA organization structure

The NDSU Office of Research and Creative Activity will be adding a new unit and changing the roles of two long time employees.

As recently announced, Fitzgerald will now report directly to the NDSU President Cook. As part of NDSU’s Carnegie R-1 efforts, RCA will be standing up a new unit, Strategic Research Initiatives, which will be headed by Sheri Anderson. Sheri’s new title will be AVP of strategic research initiatives. Cassie Johnson will also be a member of this new unit and has been promoted to proposal development manager.

The Strategic Research Initiatives unit will build upon the current proposal development services provided by the office and will offer support to faculty developing large collaborative and multi-stakeholder proposals; develop a research recognition program; implement strategic programs and the deployment of resources to help build the University’s research portfolio; advance R&D efforts through programming such as research leadership, team science, and convergence; and assist with federal relations that advance NDSU’s research mission.

Anderson's previous team will be renamed Research and Faculty Development and will consist of a new associate vice president and research development coordinator. Both positions are currently open and listed on NDSU’s employment website. Existing research development programming, such as new faculty support, will be coordinated through the Strategic Research Initiatives Team until the new hires start.

"The success of the recent $14 million National Science Foundation award enabling NDSU to lead the new Great Plains I-Corps Hub shows that we are playing in the big leagues and that we are competitive and win awards when our office helps bring together researchers interested in breaking down silos and working on big ideas," said Fitzgerald. "Sheri and Cassie were vital players in supporting Dean Kessler, Dr. Grewell and the team including facilitating and coordinating with the seven partnering institutions. Other major projects have also relied on their efforts, and we look forward to continuing to serve our campus researchers in their endeavors."

Associate Vice President for Research & Faculty Development - (2944896)

Research Development Coordinator - (2944829)

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