Sponsored Research Module Core Implementation Team receives 2021 Team Recognition Award

The team responsible for launching the Novelution sponsored research module was recently honored with a NDSU Staff Senate Team Recognition award. The team is composed of Amy Scott and Jill Mackenzie* from Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA); Joycelyn Lucke Love from Industry Engagement and Intellectual Property; and Laura Lutkemeier and Ann Young from Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA).

The Team Recognition Award recognizes a group of individuals who have contributed to the accomplishment of a major change or benefit to the NDSU community and have made valuable contributions or services to their department over and above their core job requirements. Also considered are the nominee’s working relationships with the public and other colleagues.

The group was recognized by one nominator for diligently working on the implementation of an electronic research administration and compliance system. One nominator noted that the work began in the fall of 2016 and the first module rolled out to campus in July of 2020.

Prior to Novelution, the proposal, award, and subaward processes were done on a paper-based system which was extremely inefficient and costly for faculty/researchers. For more than two years the group worked to design, enhance and test the functionality of the new system. Now launched, the system is providing significantly improved efficiency to the proposal process for all of NDSU.

“This was a tremendous undertaking and required significant commitment of time over and above their daily standard core job requirements,” said Val Kettner, NDSU associate vice president and leader of Sponsored Programs Administration.

The Sponsored Research Module Core Implementation Team was selected for the award from a field of 12 team nominees. Members of the team will receive a cash award of $600 to be divided equally among members.

*Jill Mackenzie left NDSU in 2021 but was recognized for her work during the initial implementation of the project.

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