Student Research Day 2024 Awardees



  • First Place: Garrett Honzay, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Project: "Effects of Surface Mutations on the Thermodynamics of Coproheme III Transfer from Coproporphyrin Ferrochelatase to Coproheme Decarboxylase"
    Mentor: Gudrun Lukat-Rodgers, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Second Place: Joelle Hannam, Psychology
    Project: "Sociodemographic factors and sleep: An intersectional framework"
    Mentor: Katherine Duggan, Ph.D., Psychology

  • Third Place: Savannah Green, Sport Management
    Project: "Making an Impression: Eye Tracking Analysis of Sponsorship Positioning in Major League Baseball"
    Mentor: Kelsey Slater, Ph.D., Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science

  • Honorable Mention: Morgan Niemiller And Kelsey Westrick, Interior Design
    Project: "Single Parents and Children Raised in a Single Parent Home: How to Provide Relaxation in Interior Environment"
    Mentor: Susan Ray-Degges, Ph.D., School of Design, Architecture and Art


    • First Place: Kathryn Quenette, Civil, Construction And Environmental Engineering
      Project: "Enhancing Epoxy Coatings with Carbon-Based Nano-additives: Mechanical, Anti-abrasion, and Adhesion Properties"
      Mentor: Ying Huang, Ph.D., Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

    Graduate Student Council


    • First Place: Jacob Pithan, Doctoral Student, Biological Sciences
      Project: "Fluctuating thermal regime preserves longevity and physiological condition in the pollinator, Megachile rotundata"
      Mentor: Kendra Greenlee, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

    • Second Place: Shubhashri Ambhore, M.S., Cellular and Molecular Biology
      Project: "Targeted combination drug therapy for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer employing hypoxia-responsive polymer nanoparticles"
      Mentor: Sanku Mallik, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences

    • Third Place: Clara Mvuta, M.S., Plant Sciences
      Project: "Determining genetic mechanisms of maturity in North Dakota: expanding the molecular model for early maturity groups (MG 00 and 0) in Soybean"
      Mentor: Carrie Miranda, Ph.D., Plant Science.


      • First Place: Emily Hackerson, Doctoral Student, Biological Sciences & Discipline-Based Education Research
        Project: " Alternative grading practices in Undergraduate STEM: a scoping review"
        Mentor: Jennifer Momsen, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

      • Second Place: Allana Martins, Doctoral Student, Pharmaceutical Sciences
        Project: "Enedione derivates as a potential cancer treatment through the inhibition of COPZ1"
        Mentor: Roberto Gomes, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences

      • Third Place: Jaron Xe Yung Tan, Doctoral Student, Psychology
        Project: "Emotion regulation moderates the prospective association between ERN and anxiety in early adolescence: An age-specific moderation of cognitive reappraisal but not expressive suppression"
        Mentor: Pan Liu, Ph.D., Psychology

        Gamma Sigma Delta


        • First Place: Natalie Visich, Microbiological Sciences
          Project: " Analysis of the Function of an Uncharacterized Gene Present in phb Gene Cluster Found in Rhizobium Leguminosarum bv. Viciae"
          Mentor: Barney Geddes, Ph.D., Microbiological Sciences

        • Second Place: Kell Helmuth, Microbiological Sciences
          Project: " VIP Mice Party: When the Gut T hrows a Vitamin K Bash Without Its Main Guest"
          Mentor: Glenn Dorsam, Ph.D., Microbiological Sciences

        • Honorable Mention: Cole Williams, Crop and Weed Sciences
          Project: " Increasing Soybean Yield under Drought through Enhanced Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation in North Dakota"
          Mentor: Carrie Miranda, Ph.D., Plant Science


        • First Place: Gabriela Magossi, Microbiological Sciences
          Project: " Genomic characterization and antimicrobial resistance of Trueperella pyogenes isolated from domestic and wild animals"
          Mentor: Samat Amat, Ph.D., Microbiological Sciences

        • Second Place: Janice Tagoe, Microbiological Sciences
          Project: " Root Exudates of Peas, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers Can Sustain the Growth and Migration of PlantGrowth Promoting Bacteria, Rhizobium Leguminosarum Bv. viciae 3841 and Azospirillum brasilense Sp7."
          Mentor: Birgit Pruess, Ph.D., Microbiological Sciences

        • Third Place: Maria Batool, Soil Sciences
          Project: " Variation of Organic and Inorganic Carbon Stocks with Depth under T hree Land Management Systems  in North-Central South Dakota"
          Mentor: Larry Cihacek, Ph.D., Natural Resource Sciences

        • Honorable Mention: Anastasia Kurth, Plant Sciences
          Project: " Integrating alfalfa and winter camelina into wheat-sunflower-soybean rotations"
          Mentor: Marisol Berti, Ph.D., Plant Sciences


          • First Place: Carly George, Plant Sciences
            Project: "Functional Analysis of Polyketide Synthesis-1 Gene Using Crispr-Cas9 Technique"
            Mentor: Zhaohui Liu, Ph.D., Plant Pathology


          • First Place (TIE): Zahangir Alam, Plant Sciences
            Project: "Discovery of Molecular Markers for Rapid Development of Disease Resistant Cultivars of Canola"
            Mentor: Mukhlesur Rahman, Ph.D., Plant Sciences

          • First Place (TIE): Katlyn Balstad, Environmental Sciences
            Project: " Advancing Great Plains Crops For Food Ingredients with Added Value Integrating Antioxidant Activity, Glycemic Control, and Abiotic Stress Tolerance"
            Mentor: Kalidas Shetty, Ph.D., Plant Sciences

          • Third Place: Sai Sri Sravya Vishnumolakala, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
            Project: " Implementation of Automated  Drip Irrigation System for Tomato and Pepper Cultivation Inside and Outside The High Tunnel in North Dakota"
            Mentor: Xinhua Jia, Ph.D., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

          • Honorable Mention: Haley Mosqueda, Environmental and Conservation Sciences
            Project: " Enhancing Insect Diversity and Successful Establishment of Alfalfa by Intercropping with Forage Sorghum or Corn"
            Mentor: Marisol Berti, Ph.D., Plant Sciences

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