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Internal RCA Funding Opportunities

NOTE: Applications for FY2018 Internal RCA Funding Opportunities are no longer being accepted due to the end of the fiscal year.

The internal funding listed here is available from the Office of Research and Creative Activity (RCA).  For other NDSU internal funding opportunities, see the Funding Opportunity Resources webpage.  All requests for RCA funding must include a statement of how the use of the funds will address the Research and Discovery component of the NDSU Strategic Plan (see pp 6-8) and the NDSU Strategic Plan Goals and Metrics.  Reference should be made to specific action items, objectives, and metrics that use of this funding will address. Some of these programs have application deadlines; for others, there is no set deadline for submission of requests, and each request will be evaluated as it is received.  Send all requests for funding to the attention of Research Development, NDSU Research 1 Building,

RCA Equipment Repair Fund

NDSU continues to move forward in meeting the overall goals and metrics of its Strategic Plan.  As part of this effort, the Research and Creative Activity Office is making available a limited pool of internal dollars for equipment repair match requests.  Requests for equipment repair funds must include details of the piece of equipment to be repaired, its use [departmental, college, institution-wide] and an estimate of the repair cost.  For individual faculty, priority will be given to faculty with a match of at least 33%.   For Service/Recharge Centers and Core Facilities, priority will be given to centers with at least a 50% match.  All funds will have to be spent by no later than May 31, 2018.    

Please submit your request to VP Jane Schuh [] and Sheri Anderson [].

RCA Small Grant Program

The RCA Small Grant Program consists of three types of opportunities that are intended to promote research and creative activities that will improve competitiveness for external funding and will result in scholarly work appropriate to the applicant’s discipline. 

Research Support Services

The Research Support Services program funded 10 awards:

  • Robert Brueggeman, Plant Pathology
  • Dong Cao, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Bingcan Chen, Plant Sciences
  • Christopher Colbert, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Jordi Estevadeordal, Mechanical Engineering
  • Bashir Khoda, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Christi McGeorge, Human Development & Family Science
  • Sangita Sinha, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Sherri Stastny, Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science
  • Kendall Swanson, Animal Sciences
  • Sarah Wagner, Animal Sciences
  • Jinhui Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research and Creative Activity Seed awards

The seed funding program funded 18 awards:  

  • Teresa Bergholz, Microbiological Sciences
  • Amanda Brooks, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Adam Gladen, Mechanical Engineering
  • Na Gong, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Clayton Hilmert, Psychology
  • Leah Irish, Psychology
  • Ben Laabs, Geosciences
  • Sanku Mallik, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Birgit Pruess, Microbiological Sciences
  • Todd Sirotiak, Construction Management and Engineering
  • Jon Sweetman, Biological Sciences
  • Di Wu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Changhui Yan, Computer Science
  • Huojun Yang, Construction Management & Engineering
  • Mijia Yang, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Ravi Yellavajella, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Qifeng Zhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Yan Zhang, Mechanical Engineering


NDSU EXPLORE Undergraduate Research Awards 

The NDSU EXPLORE Undergraduate Research program funded 6 awards:

  • Matthew Smith, Biological Sciences
    Student: Shelby Lewis
  • Long Jiang, Mechanical Engineering
    Student: Jacob Cox
  • Yechun Wang, Mechanical Engineering
    Student: Julie Melbye
  • John Wilkinson, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Student: Kaitlyn Johnson
  • Yao Yu, Construction Management and Engineering
    Student: Junlong Xiang
  • Michael Christenson, Architecture and Landscape Architecture
    Student: Noor Abdelhamid


Research Development Travel Awards 

The 2018 deadline for these applications was Friday, April 6, 2018.
Please check back for any updates regarding funding for the 2019 fiscal year.

The Research Development Travel Award is intended to be an investment in a faculty member's ability to acquire grants in order to establish and continue in a long-term research program at NDSU.  Three types of travel opportunities are available:  1) Travel funds to present at a national level conference; 2) Travel to conduct research at an archive or special collection; 3) Travel to a national lab to develop collaborations.

Guidelines and Form for RD Travel Awards >>

RCA Mentorship Travel Awards

The 2018 deadline for these applications was Friday, April 6, 2018.
Please check back for any updates regarding funding for the 2019 fiscal year.

The RCA Mentorship Travel Award is an opportunity for a senior faculty mentor (Professor) and a faculty mentee (+/- 2 years of becoming an Associate Professor) to travel together to meet with funding agency program officers.   These awards are intended to promote research and creative activities that will improve competitiveness for external funding.

Guidelines and Form for Mentor >>
Guidelines and Form for Mentee >>

Bioinformatics Seed Grant Program

Bioinformatics Seed Grants are provided to launch promising new research seed projects in bioinformatics, bringing them to the point where they can attract more funding from external sources.  NDSU hopes to foster the development of a critical mass in bioinformatics research.  Proposals should combine innovative use of informatics capabilities with a biological or biomedical research topic.  A limit of up to twenty percent (20%) of the budget may be used for generating new experimental data. 

Bioinformatics Seed Grant RFP - Spring 2018

Round 4 Bioinformatics Seed Grants

(2017 - 2 awards)

1.Jill Hamilton - Biological Sciences                   "The impact of polyploidy and hybridization in evolutionary diversification"

Rick Jansen - Public Health
Peter Bergholz - Microbiological Sciences
Stephanie Day - Geosciences            

"Approach for identifying genome-wide interactions important in pathogenicity of Escherichia coli"

Sanford Health & NDSU Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program

Based on the future promise of Sanford Profile as a global producer of weight loss and nutritional supplements, Sanford Health has joined with North Dakota State University to support research related to human nutrition, weight management and other basic research as it relates to this initiative.  Sanford Health has made a commitment of $250,000 per year over a total of five years to support related research seed grants at NDSU to build capacity, expertise, and synergy in fields relevant to human nutrition and related impacts on health and wellness. 

Program Guidelines and Previous Awards

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