Research Overview

Dr. Szmerekovsky’s research is primarily in the three areas of supply chain management, project management, and data analytics. As society moves toward an expectation of fast and free shipping for shopping, effective management of supply chains becomes critical for meeting customer expectations. As organizations seek to innovate to meet constantly changing customer and stakeholder needs, effective management of unique projects becomes more critical to organizational success. With dramatic increases in the ability to collect and store data, the ability to leverage data for improved decision-making is and will continue to be a primary factor for determining occasional success.

Research Interests
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Supply chain management and technology
  • Energy supply chain management
  • Healthcare logistics
Current Research

Supply Chain:

  • Modeling the Petroleum Supply Chain: Multimodal Transportation, Disruptions and Mitigation Strategies
  • Analyzing Supply Chain Networks for Blood Products
  • Economic and Environmentally Conscious Supply Chain Network Optimization

Project Management:

  • Limiting Financial Risk from Catastrophic Events in Project Management
  • Information Asymmetry in Budget Allocation: Analysis of a Truth-Inducing Incentive Scheme

Data Analytics:

  • Predicting Patient No-Show Rates to Improve Appointment Utilization
  • Mathematical Programming Models for Finding an Optimal Decision Tree
  • Cited more than 700 times.
  • Received Certificate of Appreciation from Intaver Institute for research on cost and scheduling.
  • Published on Business Week’s list of 20 premier journals used in ranking MBA programs in business schools.
  • Published on The Financial Times’ list of 50 journals used in compiling the FT Research rank.
  • Published on the SCM Journal list of 8 leading supply chain management journals used in ranking universities’ supply chain management research output.
Joe Szmerekovsky

Associate Dean/Professor of Transportation and Supply Chain
Richard H. Barry Hall, 102F
(701) 231-8128


  • Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University (Operations Research)
  • M.S., Case Western Reserve University (Management Science)
  • B.S., Case Western Reserve University (Applied Mathematics)


  • Operations management
  • Supply chain management
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