Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate Programs

Business Analytics

Enterprise systems and the rise of "big data" are creating unprecedented opportunities and new challenges for today's modern organizations. Don't get left behind. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to take your business—and your career—to the next level.

Required Credits: 8
Course Format: Blended

     MBA 751, 752, 753 = primarily in-person
     MBA 722 = online/asynchronous

MBA 751Business Analytics Concepts (2 credits)
MBA 752Business Analytics Strategy (2 credits)
MBA 753Business Analytics Methods (2 credits)
MBA 722Marketing Analytics and Customer Intelligence* (2 credits)



Digital Marketing + Innovation

Our businesses and entrepreneurial communities are in need of skilled marketing professionals with expertise in a variety of areas. Meet the demand by honing your skills in the areas of innovation, marketing analytics, digital marketing, and marketing communications.

Required Credits: 8
Course Format: Asynchronous Online

MBA 721Creating and Marketing Innovations (2 credits)
MBA 722Marketing Analytics and Customer Intelligence* (2 credits)
MBA 723Digital Marketing (2 credits)
MBA 724Integrated Marketing Communications (2 credits)



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The ERP certificate prepares students to pursue a variety of SAP professional roles and certifications by understanding process integration, data analytics, and business intelligence. ERP certification primes students for internships and employment opportunities with companies that use SAP software applications. The need for expertise with ERP systems is globally recognized as a standardized criterion for various roles in industry, government, and academia.

Required Credits: 9
Course Format: Asynchronous Online

TL 715Introduction to ERP (3 credits)
TL 725ERP Configuration (3 credits)
TL 735Practical Data Analytics (3 credits)



Leadership + Managerial Skills

Employers tend to rank "soft skills" among the most important attributes they seek in their employees. Too often, though, these skills are underdeveloped. Subject knowledge can take you only so far. It's honing your ability to problem-solve, to work as part of a team, to engage in effective communication, and to lead others that will take you to the next level.

Required Credits: 8
Course format: Synchronous Online
Please note that course availability is subject to change

Courses (Select four)
MBA 731Leading and Managing Teams (2 credits)
MBA 732Managerial Leadership: Essential Competencies (2 credits)
MBA 733Management Decision Making (2 credits)
MBA 734Negotiations (2 credits)
MBA 736 Managing Conflict in Organizations (2 credits)



Organizational Change Management

In today's turbulent business environment, organizations need employees who can effectively lead change to reconfigure their organizational structures and implement new processes and technologies. Learn how to formulate and lead effective change programs.

Required Credits: 9
Course Format: Asynchronous Online

MGMT 630Leadership in Organization (3 credits)
MGMT 727Organizational Change Management (3 credits)
MGMT 752Organizational Restructuring (3 credits)


Supply Chain Management

This certificate prepares students for roles in supply chain management and logistics, operations management, purchasing and demand management, emergency management, consulting, retail, and more.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of logisticians is expected to grow 30% from 2020 to 2030.

Required Credits: 9
Course Format: Asynchronous Online

   TL 711Supply Chain Systems (3 credits)
(Select two)
   TL 721Global Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
   TL 731Supply Chain Decision Analysis (3 credits)
   TL 757Technologies for Supply Chain Transport Solutions (3 credits)
   TL 787Transportation and Distribution (3 credits)



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