College of Engineering Committees

Standing committee memberships are 2 years from the time of appointment.  Terms expire in May of the year indicated.

Executive Committee
Chair/Presiding Officer   Wei LinCEE2021
Secretary Jacob Glower     ECE     2021
ParliamentarianJacob Glower     ECE2020
PT&E ChairRobert Pieri     ME2021
AA ChairAmiy VarmaCEE2021
R&G ChairHuojun YangCME2020


Promotion, Tenure and Evaluation
Robert Pieri          ME2021
Xinhua JiaABEN2021
Dinesh Katti          CEE     2021    
Eric AsaCME2021
Anne DentonCS2021
Rajesh KavasseriECE2021
Kambiz Farahmand    IME2020


Academic Affairs
Amiy Varma     CEE2021
Zhulu Lin     ABEN     2021     
Yao YuCME2020
Gursimran Walia     CS2021
Di WuECE2021
Nita YodoIME2020
Yan ZhangME2020


Research and Graduate
Houjun Yang        CME2020
Halis SimsekABEN     2021     
Beena AjmeraCEE2021
Saeed SalemCS2021
Danling Wang   ECE2020
Yiwen XuIME2020
Xiangfa WuME2020


Senate Executive Committee
Robert Pieri               ME    2020     


Faculty Senate
Eric Asa     CME     2022     
Changhui Yan        CS     2022
Robert PieriME2020
Long JiangME2021


Other Committees
University Curriculum     Sudarshan Srinivasan    ECE     2020     
University Curriculum (Alt)     Gursimran WaliaCS2021
Academic IntegrityKenneth MagelCS2021
University AssessmentMijia YangCEE2020
University AthleticsYing HuangCEE2020
BudgetJacob GlowerECE2020
Campus Space and Facility     Majura SelekwaME2021
Faculty AffairsOm YadavIME2021
Grade Appeals BoardJacob GlowerECE2021
Grade Appeals Board (Alt)     G. H. NazariME2021
LibraryDanling WangECE2020
Program ReviewChad UlvenME2020
Program Review (Alt)Mijia YangCEE2020
Research and ConsultingSimone LudwigCS2021
Tech and Instruct Services     Ivan LimaECE2020
Conflict of InterestXuefeng (Micheal) ChuCEE2020
Conflict of Interest (Alt)Rajesh Kavasseri     ECE2020
Faculty Senate General Education     Pratap KotalaCS2023


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