College of Engineering Committees

Executive Committee

Chair/Presiding Officer - Achintya Bezbaruah 

Secretary - Eric Asa

Parliamentarian - Jacob Glower

Promotion, Tenure & Evaluation - Will be filled in fall

Academic Affairs - Will be filled in fall

Research & Graduate - Will be filled in fall

Promotion, Tenure, & Evaluation

Chair - Will be filled in fall


Academic Affairs

Chair - Will be filled in fall


Research and Graduate

Chair - Will be filled in fall


Senate Executive Committee

Member: Dinesh Katti

Other Committees

University Curriculum: Sudarshan Srinivasan

Academic Affairs (ad hoc): Erik Asa

Academic Integrity: Gary Smith

University Assessment: Sivapalan Gajan

University Athletics: Ying Huang

Budget: Jacob Glower

Campus Space & Facility: Chad Ulven

Faculty Affairs: Xinhua Jia

Equal Opportunity Hearing Panel: Xiangfa Wu

Grade Appeals Board: Wei LinLong Jiang (Alternate)

Library: Danling Wang

Program Review: Chad Ulven, Mijia Yang (Alternate)

Research and Consulting: Dilpreet Bajwa

Conflict of Interest Advisory: Mariusz Ziejewski

Tech and Instruct Services: Ivan Lima