Alumni Job Stories

Our graduates work to make the world better.

With a degree from the College of Engineering, you could:

  • Develop innovative hardware and software applications using artificial intelligence.
  • Create new materials from renewable sources.
  • Manage operations of a multimillion-dollar construction site.
  • Start your own company.
  • Invent the next generation of robots.
  • Work with healthcare professionals to improve the efficiency of clinics and hospitals.
  • Solve cybersecurity challenges.
  • Build cutting-edge biomedical technology.
  • Design safer roads, bridges and buildings.
  • Provide clean drinking water to remote areas around the globe.
Learn more about what some of our recent graduates are doing in their careers:
Gina Blazanin

Civil Engineering B.S. (2020)

Graduate Research Assistant - University of Texas at Austin

Ryan Carda

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (2019)

Environmental Services/GIS Technician - Kanabec County, MN

Luke Esboldt

Mechanical Engineering (2008)

Sales Engineer - Flowserve


Cody Geiser

Mechanical Engineering (2015)

Aerothermal Analyst - BAE Systems Inc.

Josh Hammermeister

Civil Engineering (2018)

Associate Engineer - TRC Environmental Corp.

Andrew Honeyman

Mechanical Engineering (2011)

Senior Mechanical Engineer - Obernel Engineering

Chance Hutchinson

Civil Engineering (2012)

Lead Engineer - Mortenson Engineering

Derek Iverson

Construction Management (2008)

Assistant Project Manager - M.A. Mortenson

Emily Kautzman

Construction Management (2019)

Account Manager - ArchKey Technologies/Parsons Electric


Wyatt Knell

Industrial Engineering and Management (2014)

Senior Engineered Systems Specialist - Midwest Mechanical Solutions

Jason Schirck

Mechanical Engineering (2015)

Graduate Research Assistant - Purdue University

Gretchen Templin

Industrial Engineering and Management (2009)

Ergonomics Manager - Cummins


Travis Thooft

Mechanical Engineering (2012)

Chief Engineer - Superior Industries Inc.

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