Biomedical Engineering

Preparing students and researchers to create devices and solutions that improve quality of life.

Biomedical engineering is an emerging field, filled with exciting opportunities. Biomedical engineers combine their design and problem-solving skills with their knowledge of medical and biological sciences to advance health care treatments and make people's lives better.

The Biomedical Engineering program combines strengths of North Dakota’s research universities, North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. The BME programs are offered jointly by NDSU's College of Engineering, UND’s College of Engineering and Mines and UND’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Degree Programs

Biomedical Engineering Minor
Biomedical Engineering M.S.
Biomedical Engineering Ph. D.

Program Objectives

  • Meet the needs of regional students interested in biomedical engineering.
  • Attract women and under-represented minorities into a developing field.
  • Educate and train students through courses and research focused on biomedical research and device development.
  • Advance the biomedical knowledge base through collaborative research directed by faculty from NDSU’s College of Engineering, UND’s School of Medical and Health Sciences, UND's College of Engineering and Mines, and other qualified researchers from the two universities.
  • Through biomedical research and device development, develop intellectual property to generate company spin-offs, attract new companies, and subsequent economic development.


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