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Welcome to the College of Engineering - Business Center! Please use this page to find information regarding processes and procedures, forms, and staff listings.

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Business Center Staff

Alissa Kuntz
Business Manager
- Primary contact for College of Engineering Dean's Office and Business Center
Engineering Administration 207

Jacalyn Benson
Business Coordinator
- Primary contact for Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Construction & Industrial Engineering 202

Beth Dahl
Business Coordinator
- Primary contact for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering & Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Administration 106

Breanna Larson
Business Coordinator
- Primary contact for Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering 101V

Tiffany Neuharth
Business Coordinator
- Primary contact for Mechanical Engineering
Dolve 111

Samantha Thompson
Business Coordinator
- Primary contract for Computer Science
Quentin Burdick Building 258 B1

Accounting Service Center Staff

Christy Riddle
Accounting Services Supervisor
- Primary contact for College of Business, Dean's Office and Business Center, College of Engineering, Dean's Office and Business Center, College of Health and Human Sciences, Dean's Office and Business Center
Minard 428D4

Kristin Boll
Accounting Specialist
 - Primary contact for Aerospace Studies; Biosystems Engineering; Center for Bioplastics/Biocomposits; Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering; Computer Science; Military Science
Civil and Industrial Engineering 202

Kimberly Carlson
Accounting Specialist
- Primary contact for Accounting & Info Systems; Management and Marketing; Transportation, Logistics, and Finance; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; Mechanical Engineering
Dolve 111

April Helgaas
Accounting Specialist
 - Primary contact for Allied Sciences; Family Healthcare Pharmacy; Family Healthcare Pharmacy South; Pharmacy Practice; Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sudro 222H

Michelle Droz
Accounting Specialist
 - Primary rcontact for Human Development and Family Science; Health, Nutrition & Exercise; Nursing; Nursing, Sanford Bismarck; Public Health
Ladd 205F
Phone: 701-231-5975

Please visit the Accounting Service Center for more information.

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