Asset Management

Department Responsibilities

  • Ensure that proper University procedures are followed for the acquisition of property, equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Manage capital equipment inventory making sure accounting records are updated on a timely basis and making sure equipment resources are appropriately managed  
  • Equipment inventory should only have active items
  • Report equipment deletions and transfers timely to the Accounting Office, so records are updated
  • Report stolen items to University Police
  • Turn surplus items over to the Purchasing Office, for use by another department or public auction
  • Prohibit the personal use of university equipment
  • Proper departmental approval must be documented if equipment needs to be taken to an employee’s home
  • Ensure the department’s annual inventory of equipment items (required by state law) is completed by the requested deadlines
  • Department personnel should be available to assist in locating equipment items for random audit verifications
  • Manage and track minor IT (Information Technology) equipment (valued up to $5,000)
  • Report major equipment additions to Facilities Management to update the building’s content insurance coverage
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