Payments to Foreign Vendors

Payments to Foreign vendors may be paid in the following ways:

  • NDSU Purchasing Card
  • University check
  • Wire transfer
  • Bank Draft


Payments to foreign vendors will follow the same process as all other vendor payments, with the exception of some additional forms that may be required to be completed and turned in with the Accounts Payable voucher.  Please refer to the Overview of Payments to Foreign Persons for additional information regarding these payments.  If a purchase order is needed please follow the normal purchasing office procedures.  

1.    NDSU Purchasing Card – Payments made using the NDSU Purchasing Card is the preferred method of payment (Payments to individuals cannot be made on the NDSU Purchasing Card).  Please refer to the Purchasing Card Manual for the rules on allowable/non-allowable purchases.  If the department has not been issued an NDSU Purchasing Card, a wire transfer should be processed or a University check should be issued.

2.    Wire Transfer - To make payment by wire transfer, the Wire Payable Voucher – International Payments form will need to be completed.  Be sure to include the name and address of the foreign vendor as well as the payment amount, in the requested currency.  All fields are required to be completed and the form should be typed; hand-written forms may be returned.  Please see the Wire Payable Voucher – International Payments form for more details.  For international wires, a wire transfer fee, currently $35.00, will be charged to the fund.  Wire transfers are recommended for any payment outside the continental U.S.

  • The Voucher, Purchase Requisition & Receiving Report (if needed) and Wire Payable Voucher – International Payments form should be forwarded to the Accounting Office.

3.    University Check – Payments made using a University check, can be made payable only in U.S. dollars.  The department requesting a check for payments made outside of the continental U.S. will need to pick up the check in the Accounting Office and mail the check themselves.  An Accounts Payable voucher will need to be completed for payment.  When a department has an invoice to be paid to a foreign vendor who will not accept payment by check in U.S. dollars, it is then necessary to conduct payment by wire transfer of funds or the purchase of a bank draft, in the required currency; both will result in an additional cost to the department.

4.    Bank Draft – Payments by bank draft are the least preferred method of payment.  To make payment by bank draft, a Bank Draft Form will need to be prepared.    On the Bank Draft form, all fields are required to be completed and the form should be typed; hand –written forms may be returned.  The department will need to call a local bank for the current exchange rate and U.S. dollar equivalent necessary to cover the invoice.  As the exchange rates can change daily, it will be necessary to walk the Bank Draft Request form, the invoice and any other needed information to the Accounting Office as soon as possible.  A bank draft fee, currently $20.00, will be charged to the fund.

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