Purchasing Card Questions

Who is the P-Card Administrator and how do I contact the individual?

You can also contact the P-Card Administrator at ndsu.accounting.pcard@ndsu.edu.

I am frequently required to make purchases for my department. Am I able to request a Purchasing Card to make this process easier?

Yes, you are able to apply for a Purchasing Card. Please complete the required training, request an application from the P-Card Administrator, and return the completed application to the P-Card Administrator with appropriate approvals from your Department Supervisor and Department Administrator. 

I do not have a P-Card. How can I make a purchase that requires a credit card?

Please contact your Accounting Service Center representative to make the purchase on your behalf.

What do I do if I believe fraudulent activity took place on my card?

Please report suspected fraud immediately by calling the Fraud Hotline at (800) 270-7760 - only the cardholder can report fraudulent activity. The fraud should also be reported to the NDSU P-Card Administrator at ndsu.accounting.pcard@ndsu.edu.

What do I do if my card was lost or stolen?

Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately by calling the Fraud Hotline at (800)270-7760.  The lost or stolen card should also be reported to the P-Card Administrator

Sales tax was applied to a purchase I made using my Purchasing Card. What do I do?

Sales tax is not allowed on purchases made within or shipped to North Dakota. As the card holder, you are responsible for ensuring taxes are not applied and working with the vendor to remove any taxes that were mistakenly applied.

Can I use my card to purchase prohibited items for legitimate business purposes?

Prior to making these purchases, please contact the Purchasing Card Administrator for permission to use the card for these transactions. Previous examples of such items include incentives, prizes, retirement gifts, non-institutional memberships, and certain prohibited items deemed necessary for research.

How do I submit my P-Card purchase receipts?

P-Card receipts should be uploaded into the shared folder created for your card by the Accounting Service Center. Please include any funding information you have, as well as a description of the purchase and business purpose if it’s not readily apparent from the receipt. The Business Coordinators will confirm the funding and the Accounting Service Center will create your P-Card record using these receipts.

Do I still need to reallocate the funding in JP Morgan?

The Business Center will confirm funding and the Accounting Service Center will reallocate transactions for departments supported by the Accounting Service and Business Centers. Please work with your Accounting Service Center if you prefer to do this activity yourself.

Who creates my monthly P-Card record?

The Accounting Service Center will compile your monthly record and reach out to you for any additional documentation needed.  The cardholder is still responsible for reviewing and signing their report, as well as returning it to the department P-Card Administrator.  Please work with your Accounting Service Center if you prefer to prepare the monthly P-Card record yourself.

Where can I find the P-Card billing cycle?

P-Card Billing Cycle

Where can I find the P-Card manual?

P-Card Manual

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