Q: What are the out-of-state per diem meal reimbursement rates?

A: Please visit the Per Diem Rates page on the U.S. General Services Administration for the most current information on per diem meal rates. Additionally, you can visit our Meal Rates page for additional information.

Q: Can I get a travel advance?

A:  Travel advances are generally limited to the following two situations:

  1. when an employee is chaperoning a group of students or other guests and is expected to pay some of the student's or guest's expenses,
  2. when an employee is going on a trip for an extended period of time, such as more than one month. Usually these are international trips funded by a grant.

There is a Travel/Cash Advance Request form to be completed and attached to the Expense Report. State law only allows an advance of 80% of the estimated expenses of a trip.

Q: If I pay for travel expenses before the trip (e.g., airline tickets, deposits on hotels, registration fees), can I get reimbursed before the trip?

A:  Yes. If an employee incurs travel expenses related to a trip in a future month, they may be reimbursed before the trip takes place, by completing an expense report. However, if the expenses are incurred in the month of the trip, but just before the trip, it would be most efficient to reimburse the expenses with the other expenses of the trip on an expense report, after the trip takes place. If this creates a financial hardship on the employee, the Accounting Office may make an exception.

On airline tickets it is recommended that they be paid directly by the department, rather than personally by the employee; however, we recognize this cannot always be done.

Q: Can I be reimbursed for my frequent flyer miles I used to acquire my airline ticket?

A:  No. Even if the employee earns the frequent flyer miles from personal travel, the university cannot be reimbursed for the cash value of those miles.  Likewise, we cannot reimburse an employee for any coupon or credit used to acquire an airline ticket.

Q: Are receipts required for miscellaneous expenses?

A:  Receipts are required for miscellaneous expenses exceeding $10.00.  Expenses under $10.00 do not require a receipt but should be identified and explained.

Q: Are tips for taxi drivers allowable?

A:  Yes.  Tips for taxi drivers are reimbursable but can not exceed $5.00 per receipt.

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