Purchasing Questions

I received an invoice for a purchase made within my department. What do I do with it?

Please send the invoice to the Business Coordinator assigned to your department. They will determine the correct funding and work with the Accounting Service Center to process payment.

I need to make a purchase over $10,000. What do I do?

All purchases over $10,000 must be processed through the NDSU Purchasing Department and must go through a bid process before a vendor is selected. Please work with your Business Coordinator to submit a Purchase Requisition form through DocuSign to initiate this process.

I received a purchase that was over $10,000. Now what do I do?

Please notify your Business Coordinator of the received items and the condition of those items. The Business Coordinator will initiate a receiving report on your behalf.

How do I initiate a purchase of less than $10,000?

Please prepare a Small Purchase Order - Under $10K (which can be found on the Forms page) and route it to your Business Coordinator for funding information. You can then either make the purchase and provide the receipt to the Business Coordinator or request that the Business Coordinator forward the request to the Accounting Service Center to make the purchase on your behalf.

I would like to pay an individual that is not an NDSU employee for services. How can I do this?

You can hire an individual under a Contracted Services Agreement (which can be found on the Purchasing Forms page) for activities such as refereeing, speaking at an event, etc. Please work with your Business Coordinator to create this contract before services begin. Please note that contracts with non-resident aliens take significantly longer due to immigration and HR processing that must happen BEFORE the individual’s arrival.

Am I allowed to make a software purchase?

IT approval is required prior to any software purchase.

Can I purchase gift cards as an incentive for study participants?

Gift card purchases are only allowed for special situations, such as an incentive for study participants, and are treated as a cash disbursement. It is your responsibility to track the gift cards and collect signatures of individuals acknowledging receipt of the gift card as they are dispersed.  Any payments of over $75 or total payments of greater than $600 in a calendar year require a W-9 to be collected from the participant and turned into accounting. Please work with your Business Coordinator to confirm the allowability of this purchase. They can also help you initiate the purchasing process with the Accounting Service Center.

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