Accounts Payable

Department Responsibilities

  • Use resources prudently in fulfillment of department mission and in compliance with the university policies and guidelines
  • Be aware of the appropriate University process for ordering, receiving and paying for goods and services
  • For smaller purchases the department is responsible for the complete process
  • Larger purchases need to be ordered through the Purchasing Office
  • Establish responsibilities so internal controls are strong
  • A minimum of two department employees should be involved in the ordering, receiving, entry and approval process, more if possible
  • Ensure all goods and services are received and acceptable before payment
  • Pay invoices accurately and timely
  • Establish procedures so all vendor early payment discounts are used and no late payments are made
  • Retain invoices and other supporting documentation in accordance with NDSU Records Retention requirements
  • Purchases should be shipped to an NDSU address to establish good internal controls regardless of payment method
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