Voucher Requirements

Before an allowance for any such mileage or travel expenses may be made, the employee shall file with the employee's department an itemized statement showing the mileage traveled, the hour of departure and return, the days when and how traveled, the purpose thereof, and such other information and documentation as may be prescribed by rule of the employee's department, college, or division. 

Any employee who has the power to approve a voucher for a department shall determine, before approving such voucher, the following: 

That the expenditure for travel or other expenditures were for lawful and official purposes. 

If for travel expense, that the travel actually occurred and that the sums claimed for travel expenses are actually due the individual who is seeking reimbursement, allowance, or payment. 

If the voucher is for expenditure other than travel expense, that the expenditure is lawful and that the voucher contains no false claims. 

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