Cody Geiser

Mechanical Engineering (2015)

Aerothermal Analyst - BAE Systems Inc.

What are your primary job responsibilities?

Complete fluid and thermal FEA analysis to help guide and inform design decisions.

Describe what your day-to-day work life looks like.

I spend most days in front of my work computer. I average around 1-2 meeting per day to either discuss and outline upcoming analysis that needs to be completed or to present analysis results to the internal or external customer. Occasionally I get to travel to a test site where we are gathering data to either validate our verify our analysis efforts.

What is most rewarding about your job?

Being able to drive technology and safety for the warfighter.

What is most challenging about your job?

The most challenging aspect of my job is determining and implementing the correct assumptions into my analyses, such that I achieve the most accurate results without over complicating the problem.

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