Andrew Honeyman

Mechanical Engineering (2011)

Senior Mechanical Engineer II, Business Development - Obernel Engineering

What are your primary job responsibilities?

I am the industrial market team lead at Obernel. In this role, I am responsible for all project management, engineering, and business development of our projects which are industrial in nature.

Describe what your day-to-day work life looks like.

I spend most everyday continuously communicating with my coworkers, clients, contractors and other related trade entities. Half my time is spent in the office and the other half outside the office at client meetings or construction sites. When I’m at the office I am usually working with my teams to produce our engineering documents and managing projects from an internal perspective. I do spend a fair amount of time in front of my computer but I am also away from my desk communicating with my coworkers very frequently. When I am out of the office, I am meeting with clients to help them solve problems and develop projects, or I am managing projects externally to ensure construction is being delivered as expected.

What is most rewarding about your job?

Being relied upon and trusted to solve a client’s most complex and stressful problems over and over again. It is very rewarding to be able to confidently lead a client through a challenge and at the end of a project be invited back to work with them again.

What is most challenging about your job?

When I leave for the day, there is always more work to be done tomorrow. It can be a challenge to know how and when to disconnect for the day, but once you’re able to establish good boundaries this becomes much less challenging.

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