Apps for Vision

Calculator’ (with Big Buttons)

Calculator combines the Standard & Scientific calculator, with extensive and easy functionality options. History tape to copy and share.  Dark mode.

KNFB Reader

Text recognition app that gives you instance access to print anytime and anywhere.  Includes text-to-speech, text-to-Braille, and text highlighting tools.  Use it to import or take a photo of anything containing text.  Reads text out loud or displays it on a connected refreshable Braille display.  Has simultaneous highlighting of the sentence and word that is being read on the picture or in the plain text document.  The app helps you get a good photo with special alignments tools, including spoken and vibration guidance.  Snap multiple pages, such as a book, for later reading.  Reads image-based PDF, JPEG, tagged PDF and ePub files.  Exports files as HTML or TXT files.  Navigates by line, sentence, word, or character. View reading order and language-tagged PDFs.  Can read price tags.

KNFB User Guides & Tutorials


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