Captioning and Hard of Hearing apps

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations with Otter, your Artificial Intelligence (AI) - ¬¬powered assistant.  Otter turns your voice conversations into smart notes that you can easily search and share. You can use it to take notes at your meetings and interviews, capture your thoughts and ideas while you’re driving in the car, and transcribe your existing recordings and podcasts. You can even snap photos (e.g. of a whiteboard, or a speaker or presentation slide at an event) during a recording and they will be inserted inline with your transcripts.

Provide live captioning to deaf, hard-of-hearing or anyone with accessibility needs.

Otter AI Overview

Otter AI Tutorial


Ava provides deaf or hard-of-hearing people instant captions to follow any conversation and be included. Use Ava when meeting new people, one-on-one or in groups, for meetings or informal conversations with colleagues at work or when attending a lecture. Save transcripts to remember your conversations. Use anywhere in offline mode.

Ava Overview and Video

Microsoft Translator for Education

The Translator for Education site provides free resources, tools, and how-to guides for live captioning and translation in the classroom. Schools are increasingly diverse. Teachers manage many types of learners, including students who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) who require assistive technology, and language learners (and their parents) who may not speak or understand the language of the classroom well. Microsoft Translator helps bridge these communication gaps, supporting accessible classroom learning with live captioning, cross-language understanding, and even multilingual casual conversations to help with student integration.

Microsoft Translator Demo


Chatable is a sophisticated hearing amplifier & listening device, with its unique noise cancellation of background noise and voice booster to help you hear and focus better on speech.

Chatable Overview

Live Caption

Captioning app designed for face-to-face conversations.  Can increase or decrease the size of text and change from white text on black background to black text on white background.  Works with connected Bluetooth devices like headsets and standalone microphones for great distance from the device.  Can respond with typed text.  You may edit any text.  Tap anywhere on the screen and the keyboard will appear to edit your text.  Tap and hold to select text to copy and paste.

Live Caption Overview

Live Transcribe

Speech and voice-to-text app.  Live captioning in 50 plus languages in real time.  Simple to use with one tap. Speaker can use Bluetooth headphones for increased accuracy.  Make the text as big as you’d like.  Dark mode makes the text even easier to read.  Send transcripts through any message app on your phone or save to note taking app.


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