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A text-to-speech app for those who cannot rely on their voice to speak.  The app is laid out on a single screen to reduce the effort of typing.  Enables easy, daily conversation and quick access to your most common phrases.  Personalize it to your needs.  Adjust appearance.  Includes advanced word prediction and keyboard shortcuts.  Choose your voice.  Share through email, messages and tweets.  Make phone and FaceTime video calls.  Follow words are they are spoken with optional sentence or word highlighting.  Optimized for Switch Control and VoiceOver.  Communicate without an internet connection.

Proloquo4text Overview


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) text-to-speech app.  Designed for people that have difficulty speaking.  Uses smart word prediction technology.  The software learns from your patterns of use and predicts what you will type next in your message.  Categories make it possible to save your frequently used phrases or sentences and easily retrieve them when you want to speak them.  No WiFi needed to use.  Change the rate and pitch of the iOS voices.  Switch Access.  Contains customizable emojis.  Different keyboard options to choose from.  Ability to increase the size of the text.  Customer support.  Tutorial videos available.

Predictable Overview & Tutorials

Speech Assistant AAC

A text-to-speech app designed for people that have difficulty speaking.  App allows you to create categories and phrases, which are placed on buttons.  With these buttons, you can create messages that can be shown or spoken.  It is also possible to type any text using the keyboard.  History for quick access to previously typed phrases.  Option to select images from your Photo Library on the buttons.  Option to record speech.  Full screen button to show your message with a large font.  The app can also be used when making phone and FaceTime  calls.  Add, change, or delete your own categories and phrases.  Create unlimited number of categories for organization.  Fully customizable.  Button to rotate the text to show your message to the person opposite of you.  Button to share through mail, text and social media.  Undo option.

Speech Assistant Overview


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