About the International Student Health Insurance Requirement

Why is having health insurance important?

  • Health care in the United States is very expensive and the individual is responsible for paying the medical costs. The government does not pay for it. 
  • Having health insurance protects you and your ability to study here by helping pay medical expenses that you may encounter.
  • Health insurance provides coverage to help you obtain services to prevent illness, and it also provides coverage for ongoing minor or serious conditions, in addition to injuries from unforeseen, sudden accidents or illnesses.

Why am I required by the North Dakota University System (NDUS) to have health insurance?

Because of the importance of having insurance, students in F and J visa status in all ND University System schools are required to purchase the mandated insurance plan through UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.

Click here for more information from NDUS about this requirement.


What happens if I do not pay my insurance by the deadline?

Failure to pay by the end of the 6th week of classes will result in your enrollment being dropped and your required departure from the U.S. due to North Dakota University System policy. We do not want this to happen to any student. We want you to be successful and be able to stay here so you can begin your studies - so we take every opportunity to remind you of these insurance deadlines and how important it is for you to pay on time. We contact students directly by NDSU email (which is an official form of university communication) 1-2 weeks before the deadline, if they have not paid their charge in full. Do not wait until the last minute to pay - our emails will sound more serious as time passes and we approach the deadline, so please pay as soon as you can upon your arrival to Fargo.

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