Course Descriptions

The RN to BSN blended-learning program offers the following core courses.  Course descriptions are provided below. View the curricular sequence.

NURS 326: NDSU RN to BSN Immersion

1 credit // Online

Introduction to the RN to BSN online program expectations as well as support services available to each student, portfolio introduction, and team building workshop. This course is a virtual learning experience.

NURS 346: NDSU RN to BSN Immersion II

1 credit // Online

Virtual immersion for introduction to the semester’s courses, guest speakers with nursing expertise in specialty areas, portfolio update, and team-building workshop. This course is a virtual learning experience.

NURS 356: The Essence of Nursing 

3 credits // Online

This course will explore nursing from perspectives intended to empower registered nurses as they transition from the RN to BSN role. Topics include self-knowledge, therapeutic communication, ethics, and innovation. 

NURS 366: Quality and Safety in Health Care

3 credits // Online

This course will provide students with comprehensive education in quality improvement and patient safety and related implications for nursing and health care. 

NURS 386: Chronicity Throughout the Lifespan I

3 credits // Online

This course will examine the impact of chronic health conditions on the client, the family, society and the health care system. 

NURS 388: Chronicity Throughout the Lifespan II 

3 credits // Online

Students will explore the most common chronic diseases and treatment, including implications for clients, families, and society and health care systems. 

NURS 420: Evidence Based Practice and Research in Nursing

3 credits // Online 

This course will introduce the research process with the emphasis on developing skills as a consumer of research. Students will gain knowledge in the areas of research methods, critical appraisal of research, and the concepts of evidence-based practice.

NURS 426: NDSU RN to BSN Immersion III

1 credit // Online

This immersion introduces the semester’s courses and, guest speakers address nursing roles in the community, portfolio update, and team building projects. This course is a virtual learning experience.

NURS 436: Transcultural Nursing Care 

3 credits // Online

This course will explore the effects of race and culture on life patterns with special emphasis on health care and health care practices. 

NURS 446: Population Focused Nursing Care

3 credits // Online

The focus of this course will include the core functions of public health, partnering with the community, primary and secondary prevention, creation of healthy environments, service to those at risk, stewardship of resources, and multidisciplinary collaboration. 

NURS 446L: Population Focused Nursing Care - Clinical

1 credit // Face-to-Face, Off-Campus

This course will provide students the opportunity to collaborate with public health agencies or community sites to implement principles of population-focused care. The experience can be arranged in the student’s residence community. 

NURS 456: NDSU RN to BSN Immersion IV

1 credit // Online

This immersion introduces the semester’s courses. Guest speakers to introduce advancing to master’s or doctorate degrees, portfolio update, and leadership workshop. This course is a virtual learning experience. 

NURS 462: Leadership

3 credits // Online

This course focuses on the study of leadership and management concepts and issues in professional nursing. 

NURS 462L: Leadership - Clinical

1 credit // Face-to-Face, Off-Campus 

Students will be paired with a healthcare leader for this clinical experience which will provide opportunity to analyze leadership styles and skills. This clinical can be completed at a location that is convenient for the student. 

NURS 478: BSN Capstone

3 credits // Online

Students will develop a capstone project to improve an aspect of health care, utilizing knowledge from previous courses, including research, and evidence-based practice, leadership, quality and safety. 

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