NDSU PharmD/MBA Option

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at North Dakota State University is a non-thesis, professional program structured to serve qualified students with undergraduate degrees in various fields. The program is designed to provide the student with an effective set of analytical skills, a broad view of the way organizations work, and an understanding of the functional areas of business.

The NDSU program takes a generalist approach to graduate business education while providing a variety of MBA electives in areas including business analytics, digital marketing and innovation, investments and applied portfolio management, and leadership and managerial skills. 

NDSU business faculty use a variety of teaching methods: case studies, group and individual projects, field research, computer applications, guest lecturers, student presentations, and discussion. Class interaction provides rich opportunity to network with professionals from a wide range of industries and countries. The student is able to acquire and improve problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills and to apply these skills in business situations. 

Because the MBA degree serves students from various disciplines, a set of foundation course requirements is needed to ensure adequate background preparation.

Incoming students must have basic comprehension of the principles in each of the following areas: Accounting, Economics, Management, Marketing, Statistics and Finance.

Option 1

Foundation requirements may be met by taking the following courses at NDSU (or transferring an equivalent course from another recognized institution):

  • ACCT 200 or 102
  • ECON 105
  • FIN 320
  • MGMT 320
  • MRKT 320
  • STAT 330
Option 2

Foundation requirements may also be met by completing self-paced course modules. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please contact Derek Lehmberg at 701.231.8529. 

Students admitted to, and in good standing with, the PharmD program and admitted to the MBA program in order to pursue the MBA.

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The MBA coursework can be completed in one calendar year following completion of the PharmD degree.

Alternatively, a student may take MBA courses anytime after gaining admission to the Graduate School and MBA program, with up to 7 years to complete the program. Over half of NDSU MBA students are part-time, taking 1-2 courses per semester while working full-time in their professions.

Once enrolled in the MBA Program, students should expect to pay graduate course fees and graduate business differential tuition rates for each MBA course being taken. Graduate courses do not count towards the undergraduate tuition cap.

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