Study to examine traits desired in new pharmacy graduates

What traits do employers seek in pharmacy graduates? Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences Director Teri Undem in the NDSU School of Pharmacy is conducting a survey to look at desirable employability traits and abilities for new pharmacy graduates (non-residency trained, first-time pharmacist positions).

The NDSU School of Pharmacy is recruiting pharmacists for the brief study that looks at desirable employability traits and abilities. If you’re involved in hiring new pharmacists in North Dakota, Minnesota or Iowa at hospital/health systems, chain and independent pharmacies, both rural and urban, here’s an opportunity to share your knowledge by participating in a brief survey process.

The survey contains four main questions, as well as a few demographic questions relating to practice setting, population, etc. The survey will be administered via email using Qualtrix. Responses will be compiled and the same four questions sent out again for clarification purposes.

One final survey round will be used that will compile all responses and ask for respondent ranking by importance. Each round of the survey is expected to take less than 10 minutes and is approved by the NDSU Institutional Review Board.                

Share your knowledge about the skills and abilities employers seek when hiring new pharmacists.

To participate, or if you know someone who may like to participate, please email before April 12, 2019.


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