Thank you for your interest in being a pharmacy preceptor for NDSU!

We value our partnerships with pharmacists from around the region and the excellent education they provide to the next generation of pharmacists.  

As a preceptor for the School of Pharmacy at NDSU, the following are provided to you once you have your first student scheduled and continue to be an active preceptor for us:  

  • Access to NDSU Library Services
  • Access to online preceptor training and ACPE accredited continuing pharmacy education through The Collaborative Education Institute (CEI)
  • Title of "Adjunct Faculty" members in the NDSU School of Pharmacy

The integration of classroom knowledge into professional performance is recognized as an essential activity in the achievement of professionalism.  The following list emphasizes the serious responsibilities inherent in accepting the role of a preceptor:

a.  Understand the dimensions, responsibilities and tasks of pharmacy practice and identify those tasks which are performed in the preceptor's pharmacy.

b.  Assess the student's knowledge and level of experience before assigning learning experiences.  From both educational and public safety standpoints, the student's duties should not exceed his/her educational level.

c.  Review the assessment of the student's entry level knowledge and experience with the student, pointing out strengths and weaknesses and assigning learning experiences to correct deficiencies.

d.  Set clear learning objectives for the student, based on the student's education and experience and upon the dimensions, responsibilities and tasks of pharmacy practice. 

e.  Plan specific learning activities that will contribute to the mastery of each task and ensure time to    practice the skill in the pharmacy.

f.  Thoroughly review such topics as patient confidentiality, security practices, professional demeanor, patient communication, communication with other health professionals, work schedules, lines of responsibility, relationships with the preceptor and other staff members, employee benefits, professional supervision, and the performance evaluation.

g.  Provide information and demonstrate appropriate practice performance.

h.  Serve as a learning resource and role model for the student while infusing new values and attitudes.

i.  Provide a broad scope of educational experiences.  Special projects may be arranged, such as in-service training, design of record systems, and newsletter writing.  Exchange visits to other pharmacies may provide exposure to alternative distribution, recordkeeping and control systems.

j.  Systematically rotate the student's responsibilities to provide a wide variety of experiences.

k.  Coordinate and share teaching and supervisory responsibilities with other pharmacists.

l.  Close and continuous supervision of the student's performance, appropriate for his/her educational level and experience, is required by all preceptors.  However, the advanced student's learning is facilitated when some latitude in independent performance is permitted.  Intermittent checks of performance and retrospective reviews may be appropriate for the advanced student who has acquired the judgment making ability required for practice.

m.  Provide positive corrective feedback during the learning process.  Discuss pharmaceutical care plans and SOAP notes and answer any questions or refer to literature for evidence based practices.

n.  Evaluate and document the student's abilities during and at the completion of the Pharmacy Practice Experience.  These evaluations may take the form of exit interviews, performance rating scales, review of student reports/care plans, and performance tests.

o.  Meet with representatives of the Board of Pharmacy or of the School of Pharmacy who are responsible for coordinating the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Program.

p.  Encourage/model active participation in continuing education and lifelong learning.  

If you are interested in being a pharmacy preceptor for the School of Pharmacy at NDSU, please go to link below and fill out the application. A member of the experiential staff will be in contact with you soon. 

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