Liability Insurance for Students

Professional Liability Insurance Policy 3.32

NDSU School of Pharmacy faculty are provided professional liability coverage under the Risk Management Fund pursuant to North Dakota Century Code 32-12.2 ( and Employees must be acting within the scope of their employment to be eligible for coverage; applicable duties must be in the employees’ job description. Faculty who perform professional services within the context of their NDSU employment, but are not explicitly identified in their official job descriptions may not be covered under the Risk Management Fund. Faculty are required to carry professional liability insurance when performing these services.

Similarly, the state of North Dakota provides professional liability insurance coverage to its NDSU PharmD students performing professional services as part of their pre-approved educational program. This is defined as the required didactic and experiential curricula. PharmD students who perform professional services considered outside of their educational program requirements will find those professional services ineligible for coverage under this policy. This includes (but is not limited to) elective co-curricular activities, student organization activities, and other community outreach activities. Professional pharmacy students must carry professional liability insurance for the duration of their studies in the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Students are encouraged to seek coverage under policies provided or promoted by their professional organizations (APhA, ASHP, etc.), who offer reasonable coverage limits and affordable premiums. In all cases, faculty and students are encouraged to obtain professional liability insurance whose coverage limits are at least $1 million per incident, and $3 million in aggregate coverage, per year.

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