Device Packaging Laboratory

Wire and Die Bonders

   T41   High Force Die Bonder
   T42   Low Force Die Bonder
   T56   Tresky Semi-Automated Die Bonder
   T44   K&S 8028 Wire Bonder
   T55   Westbond Manual Wire Bonder

Printing / Dispensing Equipment

   T45   Milara Screen Printer
   T34   Camelot Dispenser
   T49   DEK Stencil Printer

Packaging and Assembly Equipment

   T36   ADT Wafer Dicing Saw
   T48   MyData Pick & Place
   T40   Solderball Attach Tooling
   T47   Electrovert Reflow Oven
   T35   Hanmi Mold Press
   T33   Optec Laminator
   T29   LPKF Circuit Board Milling Machine

Process Support Equipment

   T53   TrioTech Autoclave
   T46   Austin America Aqueous Cleaner
   T31   March Plasma Cleaner
   T32   CSP Ovens: ESPEC Convection Oven, ESPEC Vacuum Oven, Yamato Convection Oven

Test and Inspection Equipment

   T51   Microhardness Tester
   T50   Dage Pull/Shear tester
   T39   OGP Measuring System (Smartscope)
   T38   Checksum Circuit Tester
   T23   Microscopes
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