Core Research Services

Core Research Services provides access to an extensive set of state-of-the-art tools and labs located in the NDSU Research and Technology Park. The tools are available for use by NDSU faculty, staff, and students to support their research activity and for laboratory sessions as part of academic lab courses. The capabilities are also available to external academic and industry users.     

The equipment sets are functionally organized in the following focus areas.  The tools operate as a university recharge center with rates assigned for use of the equipment.

Information for Users

The Research Operations equipment is available for users both within and external to North Dakota State University. For internal university users, the process is described in the Procedures for Using the Recharge Center document. In addition, a billing authorization form is to be filled out prior to using the equipment to facilitate electronic billing to your project.

Users that are external to the university can contact the Director of Research Operations or other staff members to initiate discussion about using the equipment and capabilities that are available.

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