Programmatic Requests

Proposals for the new fiscal year are due to the Research and Creative Activity Office by January 28, 2022.


As part of the federal appropriations process, Senators and Representatives may request that the Appropriations Subcommittees include funding for their constituents' priorities.  NDSU may submit a limited number of requests to the North Dakota Congressional Delegation to consider as part of this annual process.

Programmatic Request Process

  1. Submit potential research areas for Programmatic Requests to RCA using web form.
  2. RCA works with Capitol Government Solutions to identify budget lines that are candidates for programmatic increases.
  3. RCA coordinates submission of a limited number of Programmatic Requests with Capitol Government Solutions.
  4. Capitol Government Solutions advocates for NDSU and provides additional information on Programmatic Requests to Congressional Delegation, as requested.
  5. Continues monitoring budget and appropriations process to see if requested budget line increases and/or programmatic language makes it into final federal spending bill(s).

Key Things to Remember

  • Programmatic Requests are designed to add significant additional funding to federal agencies' pre-existing funding lines with the intent that a Broad Agency Announcement or other competitive grant funding opportunity will be released in connection with the funding plus-up.
  • Contact with Program Officer(s) is Key:
    Help identify research areas an agency is interested in funding but doesn't have sufficient resources;
    Help identify potential funding lines; and
    Act as an advocate within the agency.
  • Slow process and uncertain process.
  • While NDSU has a comparatively strong success rate of securing federal funding through the programmatic appropriation process, it is never the case that all priority requests are funded.

All requests will be reviewed by the appropriate College Dean(s) before being considered for inclusion in NDSU’s final programmatic request.  The Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity will make the final determination as to the number and priority of requests submitted to North Dakota's Congressional Delegation.


Colleen Fitzgerald
Vice President, Research and Creative Activity

Sheri Anderson
Associate Vice President, Research Development

GR Process, Beginning to End—Traditional Calendar of Congressional Budget Activities

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