Alternative Format Tests


An alternative format test is an accommodation provided in a classroom for students with disabilities. It is designed to ensure equal access and a level playing field for students who may have difficulty accessing or using traditional paper-based tests due to their disabilities. This accommodation involves converting the test into a format that is accessible and suitable for the specific needs of the student.

Typically, an alternative format test may involve converting the test into a digital format, such as an electronic document or an online platform, which can be accessed using assistive technologies like screen readers or speech recognition software. This enables students with visual impairments or learning disabilities to interact with the test content effectively. Alternatively, the test may be provided in a large print format for students with visual impairments or as an audio recording for students with print disabilities or those who have difficulty reading. By providing the test in an alternative format, students with disabilities can independently access and engage with the test materials, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities on an equal basis with their peers. Please contact the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources for assistance about how to provide this accommodation. 

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