Tests/Exams administered in PAPER format - not on computer

Students with disabilities may require tests/exams to be administered in paper format in a university classroom for various reasons. Firstly, some students with visual impairments or learning disabilities may find it challenging to navigate and comprehend digital interfaces or online exam platforms. Paper format allows them to engage with the material in a more accessible and familiar way. Secondly, students with certain physical disabilities or motor impairments may struggle with using computer devices or typing for extended periods, making it difficult for them to complete exams digitally. Providing paper exams ensures equitable access and accommodates their specific needs, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities effectively. Moreover, paper exams can be customized with enlarged fonts, specific color contrasts, or other modifications to meet individual accessibility requirements. Overall, administering tests/exams in paper format supports inclusivity and ensures that students with disabilities can fully participate in the assessment process.

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