Glean Note Taking Software

Glean note-taking software is a valuable tool used in NDSU classrooms that enables students to take organized and comprehensive digital notes. It offers various features such as audio recording, synchronized note-taking, and intelligent search capabilities. Glean is particularly important for students with disabilities as it promotes inclusive learning environments and enhances their academic experience. By providing the ability to record lectures and discussions, Glean accommodates students with hearing impairments, allowing them to review content at their own pace and access information that they may have missed. The synchronized note-taking feature ensures that students with visual impairments can access accurate and well-structured notes, as they can follow along with the recorded audio while simultaneously reading the corresponding text. Additionally, Glean's intelligent search functionality aids students with learning disabilities or cognitive impairments, enabling them to quickly locate specific information within their notes, enhancing their comprehension and study efficiency.

Students with disabilities greatly benefit from using Glean due to its inclusive features. For example, students with visual impairments can leverage Glean's ability to integrate audio recordings with synchronized note-taking, enabling them to capture lectures and important discussions effectively. They can also use screen readers to navigate and review their notes effortlessly. Additionally, Glean's intelligent tagging feature allows students with cognitive disabilities to organize and categorize their notes more efficiently, aiding in comprehension and retention of information. Overall, Glean promotes inclusivity by offering customizable and adaptable note-taking options, empowering students with disabilities to participate fully in their academic endeavors.

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