What is the Initial Disquisition Submission Deadline?

By this date, you must submit your committee approved disquisition the Graduate School to attempt to graduate in the current semester. To be eligible to submit your document you must:

The deadline for initial submissions of disquisitions to the Graduate School is approximately one month prior to the commencement date for each semester. This allows time for students intending to graduate to complete the Graduate School’s requested format revisions and gain final approval of their disquisitions prior to the end of the semester. 

If you do not meet the initial submission deadline for a particular semester, the Graduate School cannot guarantee that your disquisition review process will be completed in time to graduate that semester, and your graduation will likely be delayed. We recommend scheduling your Final Examination early enough to allow you to submit your disquisition prior to the initial submission deadline.

What is the Final Disquisition Approval Deadline?

By this date, the student must make all changes requested by the Graduate School to gain final approval. The review process must be completed and final revisions submitted by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the semester in order for your degree to post in that term. 

The Final Disquisition Approval deadline is the commencement date for each semester.