Graduate Professional Skills Academy

What is the GPS Academy?

The Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) Academy is a professional development and career skills program designed by the Graduate School to help prepare you for your career after graduation. Along with coordinating events, GPS Academy provides software to track your participation and achievements with a graphic organizer that helps you focus on the skills you need in your chosen field.

  • As a graduate student at NDSU, you are already a member of the GPS Academy.
  • The GPS Academy provides professional development events and services for graduate students.
  • The GPS Academy page on myNDSU is a tool to record your professional development throughout your graduate studies, including your participation in GPS Academy events.
  • To explore upcoming events hosted by GPS Academy, click on the link in “My Memberships” at for more information, read the Student User Guide to GPS Academy.
  • The Paths are a guide to building clear areas of professional development and an organizational tool for demonstrating your strengths and development in each of the eight paths:
    • Communication: Enhance your oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills.
    • Leadership: Improve your ability to lead people and organizations.
    • Management: Learn practical skills needed for a range of management activities.
    • Entrepreneurship: Learn about designing, launching and running a new business.
    • Research and Scholarship: Develop skills essential for successful scholars.
    • Teaching: Develop teaching skills that can be applied in a variety of settings.
    • Personal Excellence: Expand your self-awareness and your ability to live a successful and happy life.
    • Career Skills: Develop skills that will help you with the search for and acquisition of employment.
How Can GPS Academy work for you?
  • When you know what skills are desired in your career field, you can focus on building strengths by focusing on the paths that are right for you. Attend events, self-report achievements, and using the recommended list of path items to develop those skills.
  • When it comes time for job searches, CV writing, and applications, GPS Academy is there to give you the language to demonstrate your skills and strengths through concrete examples of your achievements in each path.
  • GPS is an organizational tool to help you build your marketable strengths during your time as a graduate student at NDSU, then articulate those strengths as you enter your career.
How to get started:
  • Log in to myNDSU.
  • Explore the GPS Academy using the Student User Guide to GPS Academy.
  • The Paths track a combination of event attendance and self-reported achievements organized by professional development path such as communication, management, teaching, and more.
  • For events, just attend with your NDSU student ID card! Your attendance to events will automatically be tracked with a swipe card check-in at many events and recorded in “My Paths” progress and on your “Event History.”
  • Explore items in each of the Paths. Self-Report your current achievements and browse items in each path to identify your professional development goals.
  • For your CV or job applications, use the Paths to demonstrate your strengths in each area with concrete examples of achievements. Use the Event History list to add relevant details of your training such as dates, titles of workshops, and names of speakers.