ND Talent Search

North Dakota Mathematics Talent Search

The Department of Mathematics at NDSU hosts an annual North Dakota Mathematics Talent Search. The talent search aims to stimulate students through problem-solving, to identify high-school students in North Dakota and surrounding areas with a talent for solving mathematical problems, to reward these students and their teachers for their efforts, and to encourage these students to pursue a major in the mathematical sciences or engineering at NDSU.


Questions for 2017 - 2018

Round QuestionsAvailableSolutions Due By
FirstClick Here22 September 2017

30 November 2017

SecondClick Here23 December 201731 January 2018
Third & FinalClick Here6 March 201831 March 2018


Who may compete?

Interested students are strongly encouraged to send in solutions even if they only solve one problem in a set; finding a good solution to a problem is always an achievement. The problems do not require advanced mathematical knowledge -- just creativity and a feeling or taste for problem solving.

Submit Solutions

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